What is Shamsta?

Shamsta is a virtual accelerator system of Manufacturing, Research and Education which provides a more and better communication between experts and researchers with craftsmen, manufacturing, and industry owners as well as knowledge-based companies, especially in the field of training and guidance and necessary advice in relation to industry. We can say Shamsta is a data bank which provides assistance mainly virtual exhibitions to needed parties. Shamsta offers a list of companies known as the vendor which provides services requested and other special tasks needed.

The purpose of Shamsta

Shamsta helps to introduce the needs of industries, industrial centers, research and industrial achievements. A complete service to field industries.

The company also helps to design and implement an understandable industrial system.

It also aims at identifying problems with the relationship between specialists, craftsmen, and industry owners.

It provides significant services to industrial society of the country and help reduce the negative effects of global arrogance sanctions.

The virtual online exhibitions and services:

This Industrial platform offers four virtual online exhibitions and twelve services. This platform displays the required parts of different industries, introduces the centers providing industrial services, parts made in the country and industrial devices in online virtual exhibitions, and provides consulting services, technical services, specialist and researchers, investment, job search, and internships. By so doing, Shamsta can assist in fast-tracking industrial success of the country. The four online exhibitions and services are further explained as follows;

Virtual Exhibition of domestically made parts:

. Here, parts, machines, materials or whatever you want to be made that are home-made can be displaced and announce their readiness for it and communicate with you. This part has some benefits which are; you get to be introduced to specialists directly, possibility of long-term display of parts, ability to search in the Internet and find the parts needed faster, you can also introduce your parts for investment, and also partake in the exhibition which is free.

Virtual Exhibition of Craftsmen and Industrial Companies:

. Companies, Manufacturers, and Service owners can introduce themselves and state the services they provide. They can also create their own page which will make clear their menus, licenses, content, advertising brochures, image galleries and location. This part’s pros are; it enables you to find specialized centers related to each technical field, reduces cost and saves time, all you need is internet access to gain this service at your figure tips and also products and services can be viewed on site.

Virtual Exhibition of Machines, Equipment and Buildings:

. Equipment, machinery of various companies, spaces and facilities that can help work of craftsmen and industry owners can be displayed. Also, information and specification of machines and even second-hand machines which come with images are also exhibited. Machinery, equipment and buildings can be rented. Its good side is that, specialists, manufactures, researchers, instructors and engineers can introduce themselves and their work potentials directly to applicants so that they can get acquainted with each other.

Virtual Exhibition of Parts Localization:

. The shamsta system displays parts, machines, and materials. It also shows your industrial needs and get you acquainted with the needs of industries. One can have access to contact information of liaison persons. This part has a long range of possibilities such as having your parts displayed long-term, there is easy access to products, and exhibition is free, familiarity with experts, ability to view evaluation of applicants and the ability to find team to build when needed.

Shamsta and services

Benefits of specialists, builders and researchers (Experts):

. Experts enjoy the ability to select the type of function in the collection (example teacher or specialist), also experts get to introduce themselves in an industrial and specialized environment, there is no need to pay the basic service fee (or educational services and technical services), ability to introduce yourself and upload a resume along with scientific and executive records, applicants can introduce themselves to manufacturers, craftsmen and builders. Modeling projects or solving problems by participating in the technical services department can be performed as well and it also saves time and money because there is easy access to site.

Design and Construction Consulting (Advisory):

Shamsta users can evaluate his ideas, products, or sample. With Shamsta, there is the possibility of construction, finding an executive team, sponsor, marketing and building experts. Some of its advantages are; there is no wasting of time and it reduces costs in choosing a specialist, there is also trust from non-disclosure agreements, one can get tips and advice during processes related to factory, organization or office projects, also there is the possibility of consulting in different sections and as needed, you can select experts based on resume, ability to assess the market and economic status of the project before starting, and evaluate the construction potential of a part or devices.

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Research Projects (Research):

In this part of Shamsta platform, organizations and departments can register problems and issues that are in the form of research projects to be presented to a group of researchers. The benefits of this section are the ability to raise various technical issues in the industry, the direct request from experts to carry out the project, Reduce costs and time in referring to specialists, information on the latest research plans and priorities of organizations and departments, familiarity with industrial designs of factories and companies, and the request of project supervision. All these are made available in this part.

Training and Educational Services (Learning):

 In this section, the user can request a short-term or long-term training after the proposed price and time. This section has three parts, which are the possibility of online registration in the planned courses, announcing the required course request, and problem solving and teaching which occurs online. All you need to do is register, submit the required course request, pay and participate in courses and exams online. One can attain hours of training on issues or problem.

Technical Services:

 Users of Shamsta can do and solve technical problems, modeling, and design. Also, the assistance in solving problems in performing technical issues to teachers, researchers and specialists. Its benefits are; application plan based on online platform and without presence, member experts can carry out plans and solve problems. There is also the ability to select an expert based on resume, access contact information of member specialists, and view the evaluation of others by the person in question, also you can send and receive services without a face-to-face visit, and gain faster and easier access to the expert community.

Job Finding (Employment):

In the job search section, companies or craftsmen who need manpower can find suitable people by placing job advertisements, and also job seekers can refer to this section, and on the other hand, experts in technical fields related to the industry can look for job opportunities that are related to their specialty. Also, the list of job seekers who have announced their application in the system is displayed and industrial centers can easily select the required force. Job seekers, including students and graduates, can submit their application on the site for free.

Internship (Job-Ads):

 The centers that accept apprentices can put their information in the internship section so that students can view and refer to the centers that need interns in this section in order to gain experience in their field of study.

Investors (Sponsors):

 One of the practical parts of Shamsta is investment, which is divided into two parts: investor and capital applicant. In the investor section, investors can introduce themselves and the owners of ideas and plans. In the capital applicant section, applicants can also introduce their plans and request capital or assistance. Shamsta provides the connection between these two sectors in the industry.