Virtual exhibition of craftsmen and industrial services

In this section, companies, manufacturers, manufacturers and even service owners who have activities related to the industry can introduce themselves and the services they provide. This section is designed in such a way that each industrial service center or company can have its own page. This page is actually an almost complete site for the center where one can set various menus at the top, place your desired content, services, licenses, advertising brochures, image galleries and locations on Google Maps, and There is even a form to contact the service center where the request is sent to the company's email.

The advantages of the virtual exhibition of artisans and industrial services are:


  • Introduce the services of manufactures or craftsmen and specialists directly to the target community
  • Ability to search the Internet
  • Ability to find specialized groups together
  • Access to their addresses and details
  • Ability to view some products or their services
  • Ability to receive cards and brochures of companies and craftsmen
  • Decisions based on audience evaluations
  • Reduce costs and time in finding the desired service
  • No need to participate in the exhibition to introduce companies and their services
  • Eliminate the heavy costs of participating in the exhibition
  • Find specialized centers related to each technical field