Virtual exhibition of domestically made parts

One of the most important and basic services that Shamsta system (virtual accelerator of manufactur, research and training) has provided for the first time in the country is Virtual Exhibition on the localization of parts. Now, considering the needs of the country and the sanctions of global arrogance, this sector can be of great help to the country and lead to the leap of production.

In this section, you can display parts, machines, materials or whatever you want to be made, so that specialists and industrial service centers, by viewing this section and according to their potentials, announce their readiness for it and communicate with you. .

4This section is designed in such a way that you can display your industrial needs or get acquainted with the needs of industries in the localization section. You can receive the contact information of the liaison person who is aware of the subject and even send him a message through this system.

The advantages of the virtual exhibition of localization of parts are as follows:


  • Possibility of long-term display of parts
  • Ability to search in the Internet and find faster
  • No need for heavy costs to get the booth and the decoration and manpower
  • No need for travel expenses for professionals and experts
  • Direct introduction to specialists
  • Ability to find a team to build
  • Ability to view the evaluation of applicants' interactions with specialists
  • Possibility of direct communication between producers and specialists
  • A platform ready for virtual negotiations based on written as well as audio and video conversations
  • Familiarity of specialists with the needs of the industry and checking their ability to do it
  • Introducing parts for investment
  • Ability to visit the exhibition for free