Virtual exhibition of machinery, equipment and buildings

Another service of Shamsta comprehensive industrial system is the possibility of displaying equipment, surplus machinery of companies and factories and even common spaces and facilities so that it can help the work of craftsmen and industry owners.

In this section, complete information and specifications of a machine are included along with its images so that artisans who need second-hand machines for purchasing or renting can refer to them, and on the other hand, companies and factories that have industrial spaces to cooperate and participate in They have production or construction, they can introduce their facilities, so this can be a great help for people who do not have much capital to buy a place, and by renting an industrial place, they can spend their capital on their designs and portfolios.

Specialists, manufacturers and researchers

In this part of Shamsta system, specialists, manufacturers, researchers, instructors and engineers can introduce themselves and their work potentials so that direct applicants can get acquainted with them and their capacities and refer to them.