The largest supplier of parts, machines and industrial materials

The largest supplier of parts, machines and industrial materials

?How can SHAMSTA help you in industry

Amir Kabir Iranian Research Institute is ready to provide your needs from Iran by using the power of experts in industry and university

By implementing Shamsta's comprehensive industrial platform, this company has provided a connection between industrial needs, specialists and industrial centers inside Iran and has been able to provide various needs from other countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, etc

.You can inform us of your industrial needs so that we can make them in Iran and provide them to you


Introduction of needs to the target community

Product supply as soon as possible

Ensure payment

Confidence in the quality of the product offered

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Our services:

Supplying parts, machines and industrial materials

Industrial price inquiry

Supplying equipment and devices for production lines and setting them up

Diagnosing industry complications and solving existing problems in various industries

Supplying expert personnel in industries

Introducing your products in the target market of Iran

Introduction of investment centers in Iran's industry

The possibility of online training of specialists and industrial forces of the centers


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You can submit your request via email (09912980750 ) or call the number ( so that the support experts will give you the necessary guidance