In this section, the user can request a short-term training on the subject or in a specialized discussion that requires several hours of training to be notified to the user through the portal after reviewing the instructor, the proposed price and time.

This section has three parts, which are:

  1. Possibility of online registration in the planned courses
  2.  Announcing the required course request
  3. Problem solving and teaching it online)


  • Register, pay and participate in courses and exams online
  • Submit the required course request
  • Get hours of training on your issue or problem
  • Responding to experienced professionals
  • Ability to choose from instructors willing to respond based on resume, price and duration of the proposed training
  • Ability to view teachers' resumes
  • View evaluation of other instructors
  • Possibility of training on the basis of online training and in person if needed
  • Training of instructors who have high executive expertise