سوالات متداول

How can i order my request to be manufactured ?

Please send your request to us by email. We will inform you about it as soon as possible

Can you supply industrial products from Iran for us?

Yes, we cooporate with many industrial factories and companies in Iran, Please send us your request we will send the quoutation to you with the best price and quality

We need an expert group for factory repairs in Iraq. Can you help us?

Yes. Please email us your request and tell us the details of the factory and the type of repairs so that the required coordinations can be done

I want the price of some products produced in Iran. Can you give me a price ?

Yes, please email the list of the products you need, along with the specifications and quantity, or send to WhatsApp +989106105867 so that we can answer you as soon as possible

I need to buy some machinery from Iran, can you give me a price and provide me with the terms of purchase and delivery to Iraq ?

Yes, please email the name of the  machinery and its specifications and we will send you the price offer. If approved, purchase and shipping will be done

Import and export by shamsta

Can you manufacture the required machinery and device ?

, There are very capable manufacturers in our collection who design and build the device according to your needs

Design and provide by shamsta

I need a technical Laboure from Iran. Do you also have activities in this field?

Please email the specializations you need along with the desired number and project and we will cooperate with you

 Technical and engineerng Services by shamsta

I have a series of products that I am looking to sell in Iran. Can you help me with this?

Yes, we can introduce your products in this system, and due to the high number of visitors to this site, it will certainly be possible to sell. On the other hand, we will also introduce the product in the target market.

shamsta is the largest industrial supplier

I want to have a visit from one of Iran's industrial centers, can you do the preparations for it?

Yes. Please email the name of the factory you want in your request, or if you don't want a specific factory, tell us which industry the necessary arrangements will be made and you will be informed

Are you active in the field of industrial visit tours to Iran?

.Please email your visit request and the desired centers, it will be checked and the result will be announced to you

We want to hold a training course for lathe workers in our company. Can you help us in organizing and selecting a teacher ?

Yes, please email your request by mentioning the name of the course, the desired country and whether you want it to be held in Arabic or English. Regarding the time and whether the course is face-to-face or online, the necessary coordination will be made with you. Regarding the professor, we try to use the best professors that we will introduce to you